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Omni Channel Listing and Fulfillment

Seamlessly replicate your Amazon listings across all currently supported platforms. But don’t stop there! Automatically fill orders received from any of the connected platforms using your FBA inventory with no human intervention. Once the order is shipped by Amazon, our system pushes the fulfillment information to the source platform that the order was received from. All automated with no human intervention.

Profits Dashboard

Our profits dashboard gives you an overview of your sales and profitability performance across all your selling channels. Dive-in to deep analytics at the aggregate or individual selling channel level. Keep track of your 7-Day moving sales statistics, identify top performers, period based profitability, top performer forecast and a lot more.

Comparative Analysis

Identify sales trends and seasonality by comparing any sales period to any other sales period within the same selling channel to make informed decisions

Lightning Fast Updates

When a book sells on a connected platform, the available inventory for the SKU is synced almost real time to all the connected selling channels

Replicate Pricing Across All Selling Channels

Our UNIQUE Smart Repricer lets you synchronize your prices across all your connected selling channels. We all know about the intense competition on Amazon. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use different prices when synchronizing your prices to other channels. Our smart pricer makes this a breeze.

Pricing Plans



Express plan for Starter Business.

  • Connect any number of supported channels.
  • Up to 500 SKUs.
  • Smart Repricing across all selling channels.
  • Profits Dashboard.
  • Multi channel price replicator to any 1 additional connected channel (eBay, Valore Books, Abe Books, Biblio).
  • Smart pricing configuration for multi channel price replication.
  • No revenue limit.





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Growth plan for Small Business.

Everything in Starter Plus

  • Up to 1500 SKUs.
  • Multi channel price replicator to any 2 additional connected channels.




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Sell everywhere with our Advanced pricing plan

Everything in plus and

  • Up to 5000 SKUs.
  • No revenue limit.
  • No limit price replication to all selling channels.
  • All supported selling channels.
  • Multi channel price replicator to all connected channels.






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What book channels does RockitSeller support?

RockitSeller’s Bookwise currently supports Amazon, eBay, Abe Books, Valore Books and Biblio

What price plan should I choose?

The choice of a price plan depends up on a number of factors. Each price plans include a limited number of listings (SKUs) and a combination of features. Ultimately it depends on where you in your selling journey and what features you need.

How frequently do you sync inventory

We sync inventory each hour on a schedule and also when a book is sold on any of the connected platforms. This update is almost instantaneous.

What is Channel Price Replicator

If you are selling on any of the other currently supported selling channels (Amazon, eBay, Abe Books, Valore Books, Biblio) you can configure individual price sync rules for each platform. Just because Amazon is super competitive you do not have to price your products at the same offer level as Amazon. Our software lets you specify up/down percentage or flat amount pricing rules when we replicate your prices across selling channels

Do you offer initial onboarding and on going support?

Yes! You get an hour on boarding with one of our experienced personnel to explain how the software works. Once you are setup and need any help or have a question, just reach out to us using the support email provided and we will be happy to help.

Do you charge anything extra for support or have hidden fees?

Unlike other platforms that may charge a certain percentage or nickel dime you, we do not and we never will. Our subscriptions are all flat fee based and include US based support when you need it.

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