Live Master Classes

To succeed in the hyper competitive world of eCommerce, you have to keep up with a ton of information from various sources to be on your toes and proactive in managing your business. At RockitSeller, we strive to keep the community informed and abreast of what is on the horizon, strive to share critical information that the community can immediately consume and be effective in their operations. We find master classes to be one of the very effective conduits to share this information with the community. At a regular cadence we strive to bring these master classes to you. Check back often and register for one of the upcoming master classes!

Upcoming Master Class

Past Events

Maximizing Multichannel Sales and Maximizing eCommerce Reach

We had a super informative masterclass on Multi channel Sales and How to Maximize eCommerce Reach. Watch the entire class here.

Getting Ready for Prime Day 2024

In this video we talk about practical strategies you can use today and every prime day in the future to get ready for this giant sales event.