Boost your Profits and Maximize ROI using our AI Based Repricer

Automate pricing. Grab and Hold the BuyBox. Maximize Sales.

Consistently Outperform your Competition on Amazon and Walmart.


Always “On” Automation

Amplify your visibility with Pricewise, clinch more Buy Boxes, and boost your sales like never before. Our repricer vigilantly tracks competitor price fluctuations across your competing listings, making smart adjustments in real-time. Whether to raise or lower prices, it judiciously considers various factors such as seller ratings, inventory levels, and location, among others, ensuring you stay ahead in the game.

Analytics designed to boost your winning edge

UNIQUE TO PRICEWISE, Setup your “Stop Loss” to consistently make great margins, amping up your sales all while keeeping your competion away from the precious BuyBox resulting in improved ratings. Enhance your competitiveness against specific sellers, on particular products or against those with superior ratings. Pricewise even aids in elevating your ratings, allowing you to raise your prices when facing lower-rated competitors.

Lightning Fast Updates

Split second price updates.  If a competitor falls off, runs out of stock, experiences a drop in rating our repricer will instantly price up making you the most amount of money with you having to do nothing. Nothing in the market matches our lightning fast and almost real time updates

Grab and Hold the BuyBox

Regardless of the number of listings, rest assured Pricewise is working tirelessly, efficiently, around the clock at lightning fast speeds to get and hold the BuyBox for all your listings. More sales mean you are positively influencing Amazon’s and Walmart’s search engines to skew the results in your favor over time, ultimately improving your ratings. Like we say, Do not Sell, Dominate!

Simulate Before you Go Live

Our one of a kind Simulation Engine lets you run what-if scenarios with different prices so you can confident in your pricing strategy. Just enter a price and the simulation engine picks the last 10 offers and runs your price through the rules you have configured, letting you know exactly what to expect at differnt price levels. Once you are ready, just let the engine lose at the click of a button.

Pricing Rules for All Scenarios

Increase your sales by using our Velocity based pricing rules. Choose a decrement value to decrease prices until your target velocity is reached. Add an increment value to increase your prices to decrease velocity until target sales velocity is reached.

Compete with Featured merchants only leaving lower competition out of the game. Choose how to compete with Amazon, Selling channels, prime offers and a bunch of options. All working towards one goal. Your success.

Replicate Pricing Across All Selling Channels

Our UNIQUE Smart Repricer lets you synchronize your prices across all your connected selling channels. We all know about the intense competition on Amazon. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use different prices when synchronizing your prices to other channels. Our smart pricer makes this a breeze.

Pricing Plans



Express Repricing for Small Businesses.

  • Instant Repricing.
  • Up to 1000 SKUs.
  • Amazon only.
  • Automated Repricing Strategies.
  • API connection based Automated Imports.
  • Multi channel price replicator to any 1 additional connected channel (eBay, Shopify, Newegg, Etsy, TikTok).
  • Smart pricing configuration for multi channel price replication.
  • No revenue limit.





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Win Buybox wars. Keep competition at bay.

Everything in Starter Plus

  • Up to 15,000 SKUs.
  • Amazon and Walmart.
  • Multi channel price replicator to any 2 additional connected channels.
  • Buybox chaser.
  • Suppressed Buybox Strategy.
  • Sales Velocity Strategy.
  • Channel and offer based rules.
  • No Competition Strategy.
  • Competition Spy.




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Protect your margins using advanced Stop Loss Techniques unique only to PriceWise

Everything in plus and

  • Realtime Repricing.
  • Up to 50,000 SKUs.
  • No limit.
  • No limit price replication to all selling channels.
  • Always sell at Net margins or better.
  • Featured Merchant Strategies.
  • Compete differently with Amazon.
  • Advanced Competition Spy.





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Amazon provides a repricer. Why do I need another repricer?

Amazon’s repricer currently does not provide you the granular level of control over pricing like PriceWise. Our powerful feature set complemented with measurability and reportability combined with strategies that itself lend themselves to react to Amazon as a competition make PriceWise a no brainer over Amazon’s repricer. We have a great retention rate with our current clientele that are serious about pricing as one of the main components in their success strategy. Typically, our client’s realize sales growth and ratings improvement within their trial periods and helps them stay with us longer.

What price plan should I choose?

The choice of a price plan depends up on a number of factors. Each price plans include a limited number of listings (SKUs) and a combination of features. Ultimately it depends on where you in your selling journey and what features you need. 

Is it safe to use our Repricer?

We are an approved solution provider for all the marketplaces our software currently supports. Our platform is  compliant with each individual platform’s Terms of Service (ToS). We regularly review our compliance and our software is up to date with the compliance rules set forth by each platform.

What is Channel Price Replicator

If you selling on any of the other currently supported selling channels (Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Newegg, Etsy, TikTok) you can configure individual price sync rules for each platform. Just because Amazon is super competitive you do not have to price your products at the same offer level as Amazon. Our software lets you specify up/down percentage or flat amount pricing rules when we replicate your prices across selling channels

Do you offer initial onboarding and on going support?

Yes! You get an hour on boarding with one of our experienced personnel to explain each pricing strategy, discuss the pros and cons of each and get you going. Once you are setup and need any help or have a question, just reach out to us using the support email provided and we will be happy to help. 

Do you charge anything extra for support or have hidden fees?

Unlike other platforms that may charge a certain percentage or nickel dime you, we do not and we never will. Our subscriptions are all flat fee based and include US based support when you need it.

I am a private label seller or I have my own brand and no competition. Do I still need a repricer?

Yes, if you are selling on multiple channels, want strict control over your pricing and want to replicate your pricing automatically across all your selling channels. You can use any of our strategies to specify what your pricing strategy should be when there is no competition.

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